Lyrics Mickey Diamond x Sadhugold – Prime Time Deon

Prime Time Deon Lyrics – Mickey Diamond x Sadhugold

Singer: Mickey Diamond x Sadhugold
Title: Prime Time Deon

f#ck you, n#gg#
When i see your black #ss
It ain’t gon’ be nothin’ but furniture movin’ and smoke in the city
n#gg#, you hear me?

I’m gon’ smoke you, mickey
That’s gon’ be your single, n#gg#, mickey got smoked, n#gg#
“do you know how long and hard i work to buy this precious gold?”
You know my crew be makin’ movies, stockin’ suby

Coppin’ jewelry gettin’ cake? sock it to me rockin’ rubys
Emerald-cut, mickey rooney bucks
I gotta break bread and feed the ducks
We fish tailin’ in the beamer truck (urr!)

Deluxe-triple-famous footwear
Nickle plated stainless
Don’t ask what my name is
Prada ski mask, he livin’ dangerous

Hunnid chains, wilt chamberlain
Play the game like i came to win
Sippin’ hen with my kinfolk
Dodgin’ potholes in the benz until the rim broke

I gave my wife a half ounce to let her friends smoke
And i ain’t mad of her once
Double-headers back to back
World series, tokin’ credible blunts

Wax, cookie sour og, annibal runtz
Can i kick it like a punt?, my life the movie of the month
Savin’ money on the budget ’cause i do my own stunts
What the f#ck?

If i was you i wouldn’t press my luck
A few of you n#gg#s is nice but the rest just suck
You was married to the game but now you just a cuck (ha!)
I’m never walkin’ ’round the 7 with my necklace tucked (boom!)

Get hit with six out the big stick
If you pricks ever try slickin’ on my ice like a hockey puck
Green monte carlo
One blaze like a mighty duck

b#tch, get off my dick
Could of been a barrister (aha)
Now i make star bucks
Bars over teesta

I’m spankin’ rappers ’til they got scars on they keister
I hate when rappers say bought cars but they leased ’em
I place a couple thousand dollar charge on a visa
Just to party in ibiza

No hablo español but i know ola señorita (whatup, mommy?)
Skyhawk chains on, rollin’ a cohiba
I seen it like a sixty-inch toshiba (copenhagen, denmark)
She suck the meanest (woo!)

Swallow you whole and spit the bones like mellina
Say she only into black cats, not sabrina
We shut down arenas, hurricane katrina
Flood the underground, set up camp like we fema

My boom-bap raps still slap – ike & tina
Feel jacked type demeanor
I’m takin’ wack cats to the cleaners (brr!)
Bring it to your crib, stanley steemer

Standly cup dreamers
Suicide doors, zim-zimma (urr!)
Pockets on don cartagena
My father knew i’m only gon’ call when i need ’em

Any time i see a starvin’ dog i’ma feed ’em
Goofy #ss n#gg#s out here playin’ with they freedom
Cowards sayin’ “free kenny” so long, they finally freed ’em (free kenny)
Give my brothers a hug everytime i see ’em

Lookin’ in this mug like “damn, i used to be him”
I hustle all day from the am to the pm
You did five out the trap, i did a hundred out the dm (dolph)
Music that i’m makin’ now belong in mausoleums

When he do it live on stage you gotta see ’em
“definitely, definitely
Check this out though
Break down the science on, on the old gambino thing

But that’s like
Just came out of no where, boom on yo album, 〈.?.〉”
“that was a 〈.?.〉 at that time
See people, we, we, we

Know what i mean?
That was just somethin’ how, how we was just feelin’ at that time
Was just nothin’ but a phase we just gone through
Know what i mean?

At that time 〈.?.〉
Know what i mean?
Know what i mean?
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Lyrics Mickey Diamond x Sadhugold – Prime Time Deon

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You can purchase their music thru 
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Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate and an Apple Partner, we earn from qualifying purchases