Lyrics tedonthebeat – THE CYPHER REMIX

THE CYPHER REMIX Lyrics – tedonthebeat

Singer: tedonthebeat

420, 69
Is that a fine wine
Then I sip it like a fine swine
Five guys eatin’ divine fries

While the time flies
And my bro’s high
So high, touch the sky
See the light, then they died

Too bright, no sight, they blind
They blind, nice thighs
Nice eyes, nice waist, pretty face
Fly to space, go to Mars

Drive the whip, go to bars
Get drunk, slam dunk
Ian Reaves, Ian heaves
Ted nuts, in my butt

Boy sl#t, yo what? (Oof)
Shut up, in the truck
Let’s f#ck, beat my meat
Eat the beat, post a tweet

Roast some beef, go to sleep
I’m the Chief, no Keef, no grief
Non-brief, wear briefs
Not boxers, c#ck blocker

So I socked her in the mouth
Six feet south, six feet
Chris Paul, Chris small
Chris ball, Chris called

I say
Yo Chris, how is you?
How is Boo? Is she cool?
Is we cool? How we do?

Shut the f#ck up
He told me to shut the f#ck up
This the social reject cypher
I’m droppin’ classics like I’m Roddy Piper

Got my whole clique, like Charli
Your girl call me darling
Finna put my songs on Genius
Not annotating, f#ck the meaning

Yeah, with your man on that evening
Gown, yeah we goin’ down
Verses more emotional than the Life Is Strange ending
Talkin’ #BayOverBae, you stupid if you ain’t do the same

Young Teddy not my name
Your man got here, gonna stay
Every album I upgrade
These dogs barkin’ on my state

Mine and the neighbors’, they crashing my stage
I’m more wise than a sage
Pull up on that man, uh
f#cked it up (Okay, uh)

Counting cheese in a Bentley truck (Bentley truck)
Got shooters, those down to bust (Down to bust)
That lil’ shorty got a fat butt (Fat butt)
Gave her dick in a Bentley truck (In a Bentley truck)

Doggy style, all types of stuff
That lil’ shorty got double stuffed
Got some more, down to f#ck (Down to f#ck)
Keep it tucked just like a T-Shirt (T-Shirt)

Got a lil’ b#tch and she like to flirt (Like to flirt)
{?} just like I’m Dirk (Like I’m Dirk)
Put that lil’ boy in a f#cking hearse (In a f#cking hearse)
Yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh

Uh, uh, Goku in this b#tch
Got you on a mismatch
Dunk on your b#tch #ss
You gon’ seize to exist, yeah

Hook you like a fish, uh
Goku never miss
You next on my list, yeah
Contact Make-A-Wish, uh

Dragon Ball, call me Freeza (Freeze)
My brothers cooler, they askin’:
“Goku did that?”, yeah
b#tch, I’m super

Them haters normal, uh
They ain’t got no hoes
Super-Saiyan flow, askin’ me where I go:
“Goku, where you go?” (Goku, where you go)

I’m back, problem solved
Take it back a second (b#tch)
I’m coming fast though, first dish better than the second (Ok)
That’s why I started

I ain’t tryna’ snap, and I’m already snapping (Yuh)
Your b#tch, yeah I clapped (Clap that)
Your sister, I’ve been clapping
Coming hot, in your mouth (Blaow)

I’ll give you Bluetooth, got a wireless growl (Mhm)
They call me Bluetooth, they barking like hounds (Bark)
Don’t know what I’m gon’ do
Better watch your mouth (Watch it)

I’m no goody-two-shoes
Switch the flow on time for the one
Play for the Warriors, also like Juan
Toscano, go back and then sign my line

Now talk about drugs, talk about rhymes
Rhymes I ain’t lyin’, your sister is fine
Finer by time, I’m a fine wine
Ain’t gon’ lie, this beat is tight

And my bars are just that nice
Nice, nice, Goku nice
I’m done bro, just gonna pass it off to the next one on the mic
Last verse on this one, yeah

They wanna hide my talent like Drake’s son
I’ll push it out, you know I’m better than everyone
Ain’t no pun, big or little, I’m the one
Someone want me dead, b#tch I won

The rap game in my hands, where I got it, I’ll get
Cop a new watch with cash, grippin’ with death
b#tch I do my dash, drippin’ on my neck
Goku he go crazy, this track he gotta smash

Mehmet joined this sh#t, you know we gonna wreck
Third time with Wuffy, b#tch we make a splash
Ian butt on my – woah, wait, uh
3 AM in São Paulo

Go crazy on the island
We higher than a pilot
I’ll hire your girl, she go silent (Huh)
Oh, I’m gon’ run

I don’t own a gun
With your momma, I’m her favorite son
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Lyrics tedonthebeat – THE CYPHER REMIX

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You can purchase their music thru 
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