Lyrics Viizzi – #bagchaser REMIX!

#bagchaser REMIX! Lyrics – Viizzi

Singer: Viizzi
Title: #bagchaser REMIX!

Get a bag, then i blow it in a minute
I know this ain’t a game, but if it was, then i’d win it
You wanna talk your sh#t, i hit your block and then i spin it, bullets knocking off your fitted
Hollows hit yur head up

p#ss#, you get wet up
We toting barrettas in the cut
Claiming that you scared us
But you never heard us

Sneak into your crib to say what’s up
That boy, he talking sh#t, pull out my blade, i’ma tell em fair well
I-i do not care what you say, you’re irrelevant

Put 2 shots in his intelligence
Trick or treat, i left him a skeleton
I was gone for a minute, had to get my bag up

I’m back they behind, they better catch up
T-t-t-talking tough, made ’em back up
She like my voice, made her act up
I’m at your door, like, what’s up

I gotta laser tag you up
No, i don’t care, don’t give a f#ck
Ay, i feel like i’m gone
You flexing that li’l bank roll

Like, don’t that sh#t feel wrong?
You talking down, it’s case closed
Yeah, p#ss# boy, he gone
That choppa finna take him out

Like, where’d he go, he fading out
B-b-big rackies on my trues looking tacky
I’m a bag chaser
Don’t want nothing else, ’cause it’s yucky

We enforcing
Pop another tag ’cause i’m f#cky
Kicking doors in
Do not try your luck, li’l buddy

Oh, hey, what’s up
P-p-p#ss# keep talking, he get hit with upper cuts
And i know he dropped his bag, but that boy runner up
And we really dropping bodies, yeah, the sheets to cover up

Get a bag then i keep it
I don’t really f#cking need it
They ain’t never f#ck with me and now they praying for a feature
Had to teach these p#ssies lessons, sit down, b#tch, i am the teacher

You can’t stay mad at me, i’m playing through your speaker
I get a bag and i do it again
Li’l b#tch said she wanna be my friend
Baby, my only homie benjamins

I got them deady, prezi, they my friends
They my life, i got a glock and i got a knife
He wanna fight, but i do not fight
Aim for the throat, i’m taking his life

I’m taking his life, b#tch, i am a fiend
Bathing in blood, i love when they bleed
I am a threat, i cannot be seen
I am a threat, you cannot be me

Yeah, i wanna be the end of everything
I wanna be the one to make it rain
I wanna be the last thing he see
Before i make him see his motherf#cking brain

Took my old sh#t, told him he could keep it
If he need it, he get heated, he stole my sequence
C’s quick, stack it up and spend it on a piece b#tch
Take his keys quick, stop him breathing and leave him dreaming

Told my runners, “move the packs on the side”
Down a gun and use a knife, i see the fear up in his eyes
They like coi leray, go do a show and nobody surprised
Don’t keep on forces, these is black cats, i don’t care about the price

I keep a ruger
b#tch, i’m a shooter
You playing, i’ma shoot you
Please stop typing on computers

f#cking bozo, you’re a loser
And i wonder why they envy me
I pull my choppa out, i make him sing a symphony
Get a bag then i blow it in a minute

By the time you hear this sh#t, i probably already did it
He think he safe inside his crib until we spin it like a fidget
I’m in love with my bread, i be counting up my digits
Getting head while i’m just sitting

Ok, i heard you was mad
Shut the f#ck up, just get in your bag
Shut the f#ck up just get in yo bag
Yeah, i’m in the store tryna pop me a tag

We coming in from the back
Shawty wanna f#ck, i hit from the back
Too much cash
I’m money laundering, tryna lower my stash

I’m in the trap bagging up grams, if you wanna g, you get taxed
Half 8th’s going for at least 40 ’cause i smoke too much pack
Whose pack are we smoking on today, i’m like, “b#tch, did i ask?”
I’m off a perc right now, can’t see straight, i’m on my #ss

Told him walk up get closer
Got a drum stacked in the holster
You a glass cannon, i’m your counter

Fat buck shot for the fat f#cks
Said i’m broke, but my bills paid up
Couple shots and his #ss lay up

You’re talking sh#t, we pull up if it’s dark or not
Ripping you up, just call me juggernaut
Nose bleeding from the ket when i snort it up
Don’t know it, then p#ss#, go look it up

Watch your feet, better know what you stepping on
Watch your feet, better know what you stepping on
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Lyrics Viizzi – #bagchaser REMIX!

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You can purchase their music thru 
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Viizzi - #Bagchaser (Remix) w/ GENC471, Luvlxckdown, Fvtal, Funeral, Xayna, Caponeti, Swazy* & Pichu